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This collection serves all things SPRING!

Enjoy splashes of tropical flowers, woodland herbs, sweet, and refreshing tones!


Cool Chick: Ready for a refreshing and sparkling blast of lemon and lime!Notes: eucalyptus, lime, jasmine, lavender, apple, lemon

Lucky Charm: Let the intoxicating aroma of sweet pineapple and tropical berries transport you over the rainbow to sun-kissed shores, where the tropical sunshowers carry hints of bananas, coconut, and vanilla!

Fresh Cut Shamrocks:What's not to love about the cool and refreshing smell of fresh lemongrass!Notes: citrus, lemon, lime

Bunny Love: Indulge in this rich, robust, and creamy chocolate aroma.

Notes: sweet, creamy, and milky chocolate tones


A Splash of Spring

$108.00 Regular Price
$93.00Sale Price
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