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In-house, three-ingredient, water-based formula!Our vegan blend provides a clean and effortless ambiance to any garment and/or room with just a few finger taps! The essential oils used in our eco-friendly formula provide therapeutic effects including stress relief, memory boost, energy increase + MORE!


Tone: LOOK! There's Santa!

As you walk by the bakery, the swirling scent of fresh baked vanilla-glazed donuts sugared with cinnamon fills the air - Mouthwatering!


Signiture Notes : Creamy-vanilla, spiced cinnamon, and honey glaze notes


Bottle: 2 oz Reusable, UV black glass sprays bottles with a secure & leak-proof screw-on attachable high quality fine mist hand sprayer top - Perfect for body spritzing, room deodorizing, car refreshing, and linen spritzing. The bottle is fully recyclable, and the sprayer set up is designed with a comfortable easy to hold grip.

Donuts With Santa

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