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It's the most Wonderful Time of The Year!!

And, we have the ultimate Holiday candle collection to set the mood!


Candles : 


Candy Cane Lane : The hiolidays are here!This festive winter melody of smooth peppermint and creamy vanilla brings the perfect splash of holiday cheer with this sweet and crisp wintery aroma! Notes: peppermint, spearmint, clove, creamy coconut and vanilla  - 8oz - 50+ burn hours


Donuts with Santa : LOOK! There's Santa!As you walk by the bakery, the swirling scent of fresh baked vanilla-glazed donuts sugared with cinnamon fills the air - Mouthwatering!

Notes : creamy-vanilla, spiced cinnamon, and honey glaze notes -  8oz - 50+ burn hours


Christmas Tree Glee: Over the mountains and through the palm trees - to grandmother's house we go! This wintery Christmas tree aroma is strong with hints of balsamic, green pine, cedarwood, and fir needle - It's the next best smell to a real Christmas Tree! 8oz - 50+ burn hours


Cinnamon Cocktail : This infusion of spicy apples, oranges, and pears will woo you on a cool evening!Everyone loves a spicy cider aroma! Notes: apple, pear, orange, clove, hyacinth, cinnamon, vanilla, musk - 8oz - 50+ burn



32 collective ounces - 200 collective burn hours

Happy Holidays Collection!

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$70.00Sale Price