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Cheers to a sweet and tropical adventure!

We went fabulously-fruity for this collection!




Cucumber Mist : This aroma not only freshens a room but lifts the spirits! Ripe melon and crisp cucumber linger throughout the day with notes of lily, rose, jasmine, cotton candy and vanilla

Energy Influence : Aids in opening the imagination, eases rigidity

8oz - 50+ burn hrs


Smells Like Summer : Nothing beats a sweet citrus, pineapple, and coconut cocktail! Let’s enjoy a fresh and fruity candle experience on a tropical island!

Enery Influence : Aids in relieving anxiety, promotes a heightened energy flow for emotional tasks

Notes : orange, pineapple, citrus, coconut, apple, raspberry, cotton candy 

8oz - 50+ burn hrs


Lemonade Dreams : Ready for fresh, tangy lemon, sweet sugar, and a dash of vanilla! Don’t be surprised if your mouth starts to water!!

Enery Influence : Refreshes the energetic system - Purifies the mind!

Notes: lemongrass, cotton candy, vanilla

8oz - 50+ burn hrs


Mango Magic : Bring that lush and juicy mango nectar from the beach straight to your home!

Energy Influence: Stimulates the central nervous system therebelevate mood and induce a feeling of well-being and elation. Aidsin maintaining the functionality of the brain. 

Notes : mango, melon, banana, peach, strawberry, jasmine, musk 8oz - 50+ burn hrs


32 collective ounces - 200 collective burn hours

Summer Days Collection

$96.00 Regular Price
$80.00Sale Price
    • Our Candle Formula!

      Q: What ingredients do you use to make your candles?

      A We believe in providing our customers with the best in quality, harmful-chemical free products on the market. At Whiffs on Wheels, we don’t just make candles that are aromatically pleasing to the senses, we create therapeutic experiences that have been scientifically proven to boost the mood! We are committed to using sustainable sourced soy beans farmers, reducing negative impacts on the environmental.

      We meticulously prepare each candle with the following : 
      1. Plant-based soy wax, derived from hydrogenated soybean oil. Our premium soy flake wax is a 100% veggie-based, sustainably sourced soy  wax. We do not blend our wax with Paraffin or other non-plant based wax types.

      2. Our fragrances are  IFRA (International Fragrance Association) approved, and infused with all-natural essential oils. 

      3. Our wicks are made from All-Natural ring spun cotton 
      A Guaranteed Fresh-Poured Vegan Candle!

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