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In-house, three-ingredient, water-based formula!

Our vegan blend provides a clean and effortless ambiance to any garment and/or room with just a few finger taps! The essential oils used in our eco-friendly formula provide therapeutic effects including stress relief, memory boost, energy increase + MORE!


Tone: Get ready for a wild and untamed aroma with a splash of sophistication!

Signature Notes: sweet citrus, enchanting jasmine, and wild floral essences are complemented by fresh cut cedar and feral musks in the middle, while alluring ambergris and earthy oakmoss bring depth to the base!


Bottle: 2 oz Reusable, UV black glass sprays bottles with a secure & leak-proof screw-on attachable high quality fine mist hand sprayer top - Perfect for body spritzing, room deodorizing, car refreshing, and linen spritzing. The bottle is fully recyclable, and the sprayer set up is designed with a comfortable easy to hold grip.



      The Happy Hippie

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