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Questions x Answers

Q: Tell me about the type of fragrance oils you use in your products?
 At Whiffs on Wheels,  all of our fragrances are IFRA approved!
To help you and your family have trust in our fragranced products, we have provided the IFRA Standards that our oils have met in order to be deemed safe! The IFRA Standards exist to provide that same confidence when it comes to the safe use of fragrance ingredients. Their Standards ban, limit, or set criteria for the use of certain ingredients, based on scientific evidence and consumer insights. 

IFRA rules are recognized by government authorities and trade bodies around the world which are required for all IFRA members – Members who produce around 80 percent of the global volume of fragrance. Whether ingredients are natural or comprised in laboratories, The IFRA monitors, test and assess these ingredients and set rules for them to be used safely – helping you to feel good about fragrance, in every sense!

Q: What Type of
Ingredients do you use to make your candles?
A Our tiny team of passionate Aromatherapist and Candle Gurus thrive to provide top quality essential oil based-functional fragrances for your entire family + furry friends to enjoy. We are making even more conscious efforts and decisions to choose products that enhance your overall mental well-being.
At Whiffs on Wheels, we provide our customers with clean fragrances, made without any potentially harmful ingredients, extracted from raw materials. Our mission is, not to just make candles, but to empower our customers with the education needed to consume responsibly.
Our mood-boosting formulas are backed by research and science-based case study evidence!
We are committed to using sustainable sourced soy bean farmers, reducing
negative impacts on both you and the environment. 
We meticulously prepare each candle with the following : 
1. Plant-based, domestically-produced soy wax, with no known environmental or health impacts. Our soy wax is produced from oil extracted from soybeans. The oil is hydrogenated, making it a solid at room temperature. Per the Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, hydrogenated soybean oil, referred to as soy wax by candle makers, is a renewable and biodegradable alternative to paraffin wax in candle manufacturing. According to the Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, Soy wax, in candles, was deemed less harmful than paraffin and other non-veggie wax blends.
We do not blend our wax with Paraffin or other non-plant based wax types.
2. Our fragrances are  IFRA (International Fragrance Association) approved, and infused with all-natural essential oils. 
3. Our wicks are made from All-Natural ring spun cotton 
A Guaranteed Fresh-Poured Vegan Candle!

Q: Does your company give back to the community?
A Yes! We are proud  supporters of An organization, raising awareness within communities, to influence "decision-makers" at the highest levels of governments. Our monthly contribution helps to support petitions on issues that matter in various communities. To join in on this effort click here

Q: Do you offer wholesale prices?
A Absolutely! We offer wholesale prices on candles when purchased in quantities of 24 or more. Please review our Wholesale Pricing informationIf you are interested, shoot us an emailand we will send you a quote!

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A We currently do not ship out of the United States.

Q: When will I receive my order?
We make all of our candles and spritzers fresh to order, so it typically takes 1 - 3 *business days* (We ship Monday -Wednesday) to prepare and ship your order. But, we promise, they are so worth the wait! We use USPS Priority and First-Class Mail services, and you will receive your Tracking Number via email soon as your order ships.
Q: What should I do if I receive the wrong order and/or my products arrive damaged/melted?

A We are *always* happy to correct any errors or damage-related issues that might happen along the shipping process. Due to using a no-chemical, all-natural soy wax, some of our candles may melt if left in mailboxes or in extreme heat. If you receive the wrong order and/or your order arrives with *any* damage-related issues, please contact us immediately via email at
Please include your order number and pictures of your incorrect order and/or damages.
A dedicated Customer Service team member will contact you within
24 *business hours* (M-F) to rectify the issue. 

We will do everything we can to make sure the issue is resolved, and you are happy!

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