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Wholesale Pricing

jars available in sizes : 4oz, 6oz, & 8oz 


Thank you so much for your interest in our Wholesale Program! 

Here are a few important things to note!

We are a "No Tolerance for Toxic Chemicals" company

All of our products are 100% all-natural, vegan, eco-friendly, and follow EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations. 

We only use the best ingredients on the market!


Our Candles are housed in recyclable glass jars, with black plastic lids. Our candles come with a  24 - 50+ hour burn time, (depending on your candle's size). We use an all-natural, premium soy wax, made from hydrogenated soybean oil (renewable and biodegradable alternative to paraffin wax), eco-friendly cotton wicks, and organic/non-toxic fragrance/essential oils.

view our ingredients in detail here

Your Candle package will include:

-Vegan Candles

4 aromas per case of 24 

2 aromas per case of 12

-2 x 2 personalized font selected labels (client selects font style & color)

-Detailed Aroma & Energy Property Guide for copy & client distribution

(available upon request)

-Candle Care Tips document for copy & client distribution

(available upon request)

-Standard website pictures for retail sale purposes

(available upon request)



One case equals 12 or 24 candles depending on your selected size

* There is a one case minimum for all wholesale orders *

Shipping fees are calculated once your order is confirmed.

Customer is responsible for *All* shipping fees 

Orders that are picked up do not require a shipping fee



Address : 16655 Sierra Lakes Pkwy, Fontana, CA 92336

**All orders must be paid in full prior to candle production**

What You Pay 

4 oz. candles - 12 minimum $5.50 per candle = $66.00 + 7.75% tax

oz. candles - 24 minimum $9.50 per candle = $228 + 7.75% tax

8 oz. candles - 24 minimum $11.90 per candle  = $285.60 + 7.75% tax


we recommend reselling 4oz candles for $8-$11/per candle
we recommend reselling 6oz candles for $13-$16/per candle
we recommend reselling  8oz candles for $17
-$20 per candle


If you are interested in moving forward with a wholesale application, please email us.

Thank you for growing with us!

We're looking forward to working with you!

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