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Candle Influencers &
Content Creators

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Become A Whiffs on Wheels Brand Influencer/Content Creator!


Would you like FREE beautifully scented, all-natural soy vegan candles every month? Do you create entertaining and educational material to be expressed through Instagram? Do you have an active social media following and a talent for creating fun and engaging digital content,
styling and photography? Then please keep reading!

We are California's first mobile candle boutique!!
Our doors opened in Hollywood CA, September 2020, and we've been rolling since!
Our mobile candle boutique spreads, scientifically-proven, mood enhancement, by way of our homemade vegan aromatherapy experiences!
We've transformed our everyday moving trailer into an intimate,
garden-themed, candle boutique we gleefully call
"Whiffs on Wheels"!

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If you are a self driven, enthusiastic, outgoing, and creative person, then you might be the perfect Whiffs on Wheels Brand Influencer to help our small business GROW! 

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Our Brand Reps will be involved in two-week trial phase, contingent upon all REQUIRMENTS being met. If both parties desire to continue the contract after the two- week trial phase, further terms will be discussed at that time.

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Public & Active Socials 
All Brand Reps MUST have a public and active Instagram account

Promote Whiffs on Wheels products!
A minimum of 2-3 photos per candle/product is required. Any blurry photos will not be used or reposted, so please provide quality, clear, and bright photos.

 Promote, Promote, Promote
 Must promote and share any and all brand announcements such as promotions, giveaways, and new product launches as Instagram posts and social media Stories. Be sure to tag us!

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D. Kay by Tina Renee - Whiffs on Wheels reserves the right to withdraw a Brand Rep from the Brand Rep engagement at any time, without question, if we find that you are not abiding by the terms and conditions mentioned above.

High-quality photos and weekly social media engagement must be given in exchange for free products; failure to do so will result in the brand rep being invoiced for Whiffs on Wheels products.

D. Kay by Tina Renee - Whiffs on Wheels reserves the right to use any and all photographs brand reps captures of our products on our social media accounts, promotional flyers, websites, and all other advertisements.

Applying for our Brand Rep position means, you fully agree to EVERY term listed.


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Thanks for applying!

We will get back to you soon if you're selected!

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