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Weekly Market Stops!


It's an Experience!

It's not just candles!

Upcoming Markets!

Stay tuned for updates!

Welcome to Whiffs on Wheels!
California's first mobile candle boutique!!

 Our mobile candle boutique spreads, scientifically-proven, mood enhancement by way of our homemade vegan aromatherapy experiences!
We've transformed  our everyday moving trailer into an intimate,
garden-themed boutique, that we gleefully call "Whiffs on Wheels"!

Our 100% handcrafted, eco-friendly, and essential oil infused candles are designed to trigger Dopamine levels, also known as
"The Happy Hormones"
If you find us in your city, be sure to stop by and say "hey you!"

We love creative events!
If you're interested in having us at your next creative venture, 
send us an email and let's chat!


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